The very first Globe-Trotter model is available in classic colours and still features the original Vulcan Fibre corner details. From each generation to the next, these Original cases which are crafted so skilfully, will age wonderfully over decades of use.

To commemorate the 100 year anniversary, Globe-Trotter launched this special series available in directional colours, graphic prints and featuring hand made leather trimming from the corner details to the luggage straps that have made Globe-Trotters so iconic around the world.

Safari celebrates the revival of the distinguished suit cases made by Globe-Trotter in the late 1920s. These ivory cases were used by explorers who travelled the world by cruise liner. Today the Safari series is available with wheels and trolleys, making it suitable for any modern day expedition.

Reminiscent of launching ship and setting sail on the high seas, the Cruise line is a fresh royal blue with contrasting navy blue leather belts and corner details. Inspired from yacht races in the Isle of Wight, just open the case and the lining with royal blue pin stripes on snow-white cotton cloth instantly reflects cool summer living.

The Orient is the shining definition of luxury. Hand lacquered for an original, high-gloss finish, these special edition cases are magnificent to behold. Applying a precious ‘Urush’ lacquer to the cases is a technique that requires age old skill and this specialist application even serves to strengthen the case further. Add to this, the interior lining with designer oriental silks and the collection epitomises East and West together in seamless harmony.